Project Description

Janessa is an aerial performer, a dream chaser, and overcame her fears of “am I good enough” last year when she took out the 2016 NABBA/WFF Junior & Overall Bikini Champion – all with only a 4-week competition prep!

“Ever since I was little, I have wanted the best. But with that in mind there also came competitiveness, constant striving, failure to meet expectation, lack of balance and overall, un-fulfillment. Just a few short years ago, I had assumed that because I was training at the gym, I could eat whatever I wanted, as my body didn’t change in shape or size, but what I didn’t realize was my health was severely diminishing on the inside. My perception of the “perfect” body was solely focused on the external and I was blissfully unaware of the lessons I would soon learn. I battled issues with negative self-image, lack of energy, and even wound up in hospital due to near kidney failure.

The “unhealthy” lifestyle I had once led is now merely a memory and learning experience. This, in turn, has helped me gain insight and clarity around my passions, dreams and overall vision: to help thousands of women realize their true self-worth, to empower people to live their best lives through better health choices, and to, in some way, make a positive impact on the rest of the world. From this vision of mine, the Born for More Fitness Movement was created.”

While Janessa is certified and experienced in training those of all ages, shapes and sizes, she has also created a movement “Born for More Fitness” which focuses on empowering women to live their best lives through a healthy lifestyle, and to realize that they too were “Born for More”. Janessa’s aim for the movement is to impact 100,000 lives by the year 2020.


0449 108 883


Female Specific Training
Weight Loss
Functional Training
Body Transformations


Advanced Nutrition Level 1 & 2
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Female Specific Trainer
Active Kids Trainer
Boxing for Fitness
Provide First Aid