Project Description

I’ve always had a passion for helping others to become stronger, fitter and proud of themselves.

Making the switch in 2010 from the corporate and blue collar world into the health and fitness industry, gave me the opportunity to do just that.
My mother who was always, and still is, my inspiration made a comment that has always stayed with me – “You enjoy helping people in the gym, go and be a personal trainer!” I naturally have a slim body frame and spent my time playing rugby league and sprinting when I was younger. Being involved in a contact sport I realised that I needed to increase my strength and develop muscle.

It was important to me to add strength without compromising the speed and agility needed for sprinting. I discovered weights and began the process of transforming my body. After football and sprinting came to an end, I fell in love with bodybuilding. To date I have competed in 7 comps, having placed 4th in my category at National level for the ANB Australia. Bodybuilding teaches you discipline, both mentally and physically. You can achieve your goals and get the results you desire. My goal as your PT is to help you achieve your strength and fitness.

“For the challenge, for the journey, for the lifestyle”


0412 724 195


Cert III & IV in Fitness
First Aid
Padmasters Boxing/kickboxing
Recomp Certified strength and nutrition coach
Children’s Trainer
Mod & Junior Rugby League Coach/trainer