Harbour Town

Steve is a qualified Personal Trainer and has been in the bodybuilding industry for over 20 years. Current placing’s for the 2014 NABBA /WFF year.

WFF Masters top 3 Southern Hemisphere titles. WFF Masters top 2 Qld Championships. WFF Masters top 4 from 10 at the National Titles 2014.

Steve has a military background from the Army and believes this sets him apart from others, giving more disciplined and motiva- tional training. Correct technique is critical to maximising muscle and strength gains along with preventing injures. Steve loves to build confidence and self-esteem with his client’s by making them look good and feel good. He can motivate you to reach your short and long term goals.
Steve has personal experience with injuries and can show you how to work around existing injuries to minimise the pain.


0409 127 885


Skill Bodybuilding / Muscle Gain
Skill General Fitness & Weight loss
Muscle tone & General diet advice
Body fat Composition testing


Certificate 3 & IV Fitness
Certificate IV Business
Senior First Aid
Blue card