Great group fitness classes on the Gold Coast



EMF (High Intensity Interval Training) is resistance cardio training in which you alternate short, very high intensity intervals with longer, slower intervals to recover. This type of training helps to improve performance, fitness levels and most importantly ability of the muscles to burn fat. Come along and kick your body into hyper-drive.


Six pack attack is a highly effective 30 minute class that focuses on your core and abdominal muscles. For most people abdominal muscles are too often neglected or not trained properly, to ensure your six pack is worked out to it’s maximum potential. Any fitness levels are welcome, from the total beginner to the advanced trainer, this class will ensure those abs are on FIRE!


Boxing conditioning, teaches you the fundamentals of boxing techniques to put into practice with a boxing training program. This class emphasizes on all the technical areas of boxing including stance, guard, footwork, balance and punching! Learning how to box correctly will help ensure that you do not injure yourself while practicing. So if you are wanting to learn how to swing the perfect punch or simply better that technique, jump into boxing technique classes each weekend.


Spin class is our highest calorie burning class! It’s not only a fantastic cardiovascular workout, but also focuses on muscular endurance. Spin consists of continuous metabolic intervals and a mix of light to heavy resistance training that aids in toning and shaping your legs and butt! As cycling is a low impact exercise it is great for anyone who has impact injuries as it will not put increases pressure on your knees or other joints. To burn 500+ calories and get those endorphins spinning don’t miss out on this one.


Pump classes are an all over, full body resistance training session designed for all your major muscles groups, resulting in increased muscle tone. The ultimate benefits are increased strength, improved general fitness, better shape and body tone. Regular pump classes will help to protect your bones and joints from injury; will help you to get into shape fast, and overall feel more confident. So if you’re getting tired of your regular weights routine try out our Pump classes to spice it up.


Yoga is not for the most flexible, it is for the most willing! Yoga not only improves your flexibility, joint stability, range of motion, body and spatial awareness, but helps you learn breath control, detoxifying and relaxing the mind & body. Yoga can be practiced for it physical benefits, however consistency over a long period of time will unlock all these elements, come along to discover Yoga’s truest meaning.


Pilates is a great core strengthening workout, however unlike many other forms of exercise, it trains the body as an integrated whole, not favouring or overworking singular muscle or body parts. All Pilates exercises are resistance based and therefore, ideal for injury rehabilitation. Pilates will promote strength and balanced muscle development as well as flexibility and increased range of motion for the joint, so tighten up those often neglected inner muscles.


Boxing for fitness is a fun yet challenging 30 or 45 minute class designed to elevate your heart rate and give you a high intensity workout. Boxing for fitness is a cardio vascular session as opposed to technique based training and will utilise 3 punch combinations and high volume boxing punches on both pads and bags.


is a fun class designed to work the legs and booty.  This class will mainly contain none weighted exercises with high reps to help tone and shape those Abs, legs and thighs.

EMF Fit 45


Get leaner, faster stronger in this full body workout. You will activate every muscle in your body whilst burning calories for hours after your workout. Studies have shown resistance based training can burn more calories than cardio. So don’t be shy girls and guys, get that EMF Fit45 body we’ve all be admiring!!



EMF Bootcamps are where the EMF story began. Who better to write a bootcamp program than our owners themselves, two ex military buffs!! Bootcamp is a1 hour session that takes the ideals of military based training, functional exercises, plyometrics and agility.  This combined with high intensity exercises and strength based cardio EMF BOOTCAMP is a great, fun way to get you into shape, FAST.



KB / KB FUSION is a moderate intensity class that utilises Suspension Straps to perform exercises involving suspension.  This helps to perform modified strength based exercises with reduced resistance than usual.  Kettlebells are a weight ball with a handle that you can swing, press or pull to help improve your strength. TRX/CRANK/KB Fusion is a fun class that will improve your knowledge in our functional training room.